Alexandre Leitao

Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, living in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1996 I purchased my first camera and became hooked instantly. Using a camera was one of the most natural feelings I've ever had and I've been behind the lens ever since. I followed my love of adventure and travelled extensively throughout the world capturing unique images of family, friends and willing strangers across Vietnam, Indonesia, Alaska, South America and Portugal to name a few.

I am a photographer of people. I love capturing life in every face, every smile and every expression of every moment, capturing the radiating energy, illuminating from within each individual. During my travels I fell in love with Australia and relocated to Melbourne to study. I set up my Photography business in 2001 as Owner/Creative Director and haven't looked back.

I have also captured the magic of hundreds of weddings.

Currently involved in a variety of projects, I continue to strive to bring a new perspective to each shoot, a new way to tackle each image that reflects my love of adventure. I also work on corporate portfolios and commercial shoots.

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